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I'm not the only one on the trail that will be worrying about Internet connections to post my content. Writing/producing/creating new content on the trail has been a pretty common tactic since individuals started thru-hiking, and if you're sick of reading/listening to my thoughts on the experience, it's not too hard to find someone else.

Because I work so hard to please y'all, I made it easier for you. Here's a quick list of some of the other bloggers out on the trail. And who knows; some of these people might be featured on "Between A to B" in the future.

Ryan Goggin

Hosting a website called “Lost Outdoors”, Ryan Goggin is an Englishman flying over the pond to take part in the 2017 exodus many call a PCT hike. He's been consistently blogging since October, and he covers a pretty good range of subjects, including gear, training and other miscellaneous stuff. Apparently, Ryan is hiking (in part) to raise money for Cardiac Risk in the Young in memory of his friend Matthew Cragg.

Brien Bower

Brien Bower, a former PCT hiker with adventure in his veins, is again heading to the PCT in 2017. Currently working as a volcano hike guide in Guatemala, Bower will be climbing the Sierrra Nevadas this spring for another west coast adventure. His website, Simple Alpine, tells his story.

Ed/ Smokebeard

A huge fan of the Leave No Trace ideology, Ed, or Smokebeard (which I'm guessing is his trail name), will be starting the PCT this May. His website hosts a number of sections about hiking. His blog posts on “Leave No Trace” especially do a great job on fleshing out details of trail maintenance and the importance of keeping our trails as pristine as possible.

Hiker Dale

If you want a blog of a hiker about to take his first steps on the PCT, check out Hiker Dale, who will be officially “out there” on March 28. It looks like Dale will be section hiking this year with plans to make it 750 miles during the 2017 season.

Witch Wandering

One of the few hiker blogs written by a woman that I could find, Witch Wandering covers the journey of herbalist and self-proclaimed witch, Britton, who apparently sells soaps, perfumes and a helping of other related products from Oregon. She'll be on the PCT sometime in early May.

Thirst 4 Adventure

The trail blog of Gabi and Dave, the two confessed to “falling in love” with thru-hiking on their blog "Thirst 4 Adventure" and will now be wandering the PCT this spring. Unlike many of the other blogs on this list, the two hikers have a substantial backlog of posts from other adventures dating back to Feb. 2015.