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For those who haven't heard, the Between A to B Kickstarter succeeded in reaching its goal! The PCT is a go!

Here's a quick rundown for anyone unfamiliar with the project. 

  • Goal: $3,000
  • Kickstarter Donations: $1,800
  • Outside Donations: $700
  • Final Donations Total: $2,500

To hit $3,000 and ensure all the work that went into the campaign and pledges weren't wasted, I basically loaned out the final $500, which allowed us to jump past the necessary goal and get the thing funded. The next step? Head to California.

For all those who helped, I want to give a sincere thanks. This morning I sent out an email to my backers, but I also want to reiterate how much I appreciate what they've done here. The whole experience was truly humbling because of what they did.

I also want to give a shout out to all friends on social media who took the time to comment, share or like on the many things that "Between A to B" has released over the last month. Every eye on that Kickstarter page helped to spread interest and get us to the final goal. It was because of you folks who paid attention that we made a victory out of all the effort.

What's Next?

The trail is next...mostly. I have a few housekeeping things to take care of yet -- a few boxes to ship, a few more gear purchases to make and a few more goodbyes to give -- and then I'll be off to the races. I fly out to California on April 7. I'll be on the trail by April 9. 

Expect a major uptick in both my Twitter and Instagram activity as I begin the trail. Written blogs, however, will become more sparse because of lack of access. You'll also be able to see my location (updated daily) if you check out the map section of this website starting on April 15.

The first major "Between A to B" episode releases April 17, and I'll begin putting it together in earnest here on the 3rd. To give you a quick summation, the first episode "Pretty Okay Expectations" will be covering the initial shock of the trail on my mind and body. How are my own expectations kicking my butt? What is out on the trail, and what are the difficulties that I never saw coming? How much of a shift is going from a standard life to a trail life? Is my gear setup everything I thought it would be? Will the length of the trail seem welcoming or terrifying? How does the PCT compare to the AT? How well did I prepare for this thing? And the most important question: will I have to sacrifice my habit of reading before bed? We shall see. 

Of course, I'll keep everyone updated when that first episode hits.

Stay tuned, and once more forever and ever, thanks for helping me get here.