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Learn what it means to lose yourself


"Between A to B" is a 10-part podcast travel series produced and edited by Josh "Byline" Ellerbrock as he hikes the 2,600+ miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, or PCT.

Meant as an exploration of self, society and one's place in the larger world, "Between A to B" features the musings of one who finds comfort staying out of touch with the world despite the rising importance of connectivity and technology. 

The main heft of Between A to B consists of 10 episodes released on a biweekly basis.

Each episode consists of 4 main sections:

  • Intro: The intro will introduce the main theme of each episode through an anecdote or interesting viewpoint. This theme will rear its head throughout subsequent sections.
  • Trail Hike Recap: To give listeners an idea of the past weeks' events, this section will use firsthand accounts to explain what happened to the host and his companions along the trail's prior stretch. You'll also get progress numbers; such as how many miles were covered in the last two weeks, injuries obtained, closest towns and any other quick info that I think is relevant to the hiking experience.
  • Interviews and Observations: Multiple discussions with random characters offering their own viewpoints of the show's theme will round out the second half of each episode.

Although my hike will be mostly a solo one, those on the PCT meet plenty of fellow hikers and rangers along the way, either at campsites or restaurants or wherever. Just outside the trail proper are some of the service folks who provide rides, food or lodging. Lastly, might stumble upon the rare trail angel. These folks hand out some hiker service, usually transportation or food. They are greatly appreciated all around.

 Almost all of the these folks tend to be characters, and they often provide memorable impressions. They form a large part of the trail experience.

  • Outro: A show recap and final words from the host end each episode.

Release Schedule:

 April 17, 2017: Episode 01: Pretty Okay Expectations

During the first two weeks of a thru-hike, a long trail hiker will be surprised by what he or she finds no matter the amount of research completed. This episode covers some of the emerging social norms that I have to adjust to in order to fit into the PCT's cultural expectations.

May 1, 2017: Episode 02: It's My Body, and I'll Cry if I Want To

Within the first month, a hiker's body transforms significantly, and it's not exactly pleasant. This episode also explores the topic of our cultural snobbery concerning the human body and all the fun things it does.

 May 15, 2017: Episode 03: Civilization Is My Drug

It's hard to quit something so pervading as instant gratification and our cultural noise. We talk about how hikers deal with leaving everything they've known for a much more meager existence outside of city lines.

June 14, 2017: Episode 04: K.I.S.S.

Short for Keep it Simple Stupid, Hikers worry about three things, food, water and distance. We answer what it means to reduce your worries and how it affects someone mentally.

June 29, 2017: Episode 05: Hello Silence, My Old Friend

I'm the type of person who craves quiet moments. However, there's a reason why “keeping everything in moderation” applies to what may seem the the most innocent of experiences – silence.

July 13, 2017: Episode 06: Pissing on the Side of the Road

Break down enough social mores and hikers begin to realize which ones truly matter. Here we go into detail on what is allowed on the trail, no matter how simple, and why hikers have few filters when deciding what they can and can't do.

Aug. 1, 2017: Episode 07: Cool Story, Bruh

We all have a personal story we tell ourselves. In this episode, we deconstruct our own personal narratives and work to understand why storytelling is tied so closely tied to our own identities.

Aug. 9, 2017: Episode 08: My Fellow Creatures

Animals may seem different and dangerous, but humans have plenty of tools to understand them. Here we cover personal experiences with those who live on the trail full time and give respect to the animals whom many fear.

Sept. 15: Episode 09: The Final Episode - part 1

In the second to last episode, your host, Josh Ellerbrock, discusses his last steps in Washington on the Pacific Crest Trail and preps the audience for the final bout of interviews.

OCT. 6: Episode 10: The Final Episode - part 2

The capstone episode of Between A to B. We talk to hikers about the shift in worldview caused by the PCT journey and what is in store for them next. 


An experienced storyteller, Josh is continually looking for the best way to connect his audience to thoughts and experiences normally out of range for those unable to meet them.

Prior to Between A to B, he has worked for a number of media outlets and marketing companies as some form of staff writer. Currently, he is focused on acclimating himself to modern life while examining potential new ventures in digital media.

If you wish to contact Josh, feel free to use the contact form below.

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